Monitoring your backups with monit

Posted on Tue 31 December 2019 in how-to

"You'll never check that your backups are working until you need them." At least at home this may be true. So let's check them! Most monitoring agents support the execution of custom scripts and alerting in case something goes wrong (based on exit code).

I'm using monit to to this …

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How to install telegraf on your Raspberry Pi 3 running Fedora

Posted on Mon 03 June 2019 in how-to

At the end of last year I've changed my observability approach from "grab all the data!" to "minimize the complexity and functionality". So when it came to refactoring my Infrastructure-As-Code reporitory with various obsrvability integrations I simply removed the ability to install telegraf on my Raspberry Pis. But some network …

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From paper to PDF with OCR text on Linux in your terminal (with Fujitsu ScanSnap)

Posted on Thu 03 January 2019 in how-to

Switching from a Mac with osx to Linux can be though. Especially when it comes to scanning. Many years ago I had some first interactions with the SANE project, which is the solution for scanning under Linux.

As scanning with my Fujitsu ScanSnap has been quite comfortable and not quite …

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Building Monero from Source on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running Fedora 28

Posted on Sat 01 September 2018 in how-to

Monero is one of the better known crypto currencies (beside Bitcoin, obviously). The project provides builds for several distributions and architectures.

But there's one big issue with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+: It's ARMv8 core doesn't support aes natively, but the monero builds will require them.

Let's talk about …

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TICK tack TIG - telegraf, InfluxDB and Grana - A journey

Posted on Sat 05 May 2018 in monitoring

For years collectd in combination with monit has been my preferred monitoring stack when it came to my private systems. So we're talking about this webserver, my mailserver, a Raspberry Pi and so on.

There have been issues with that setup. monit has been quite noisy in some situations. My …

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collectd and rtorrent - gathering statistics from XMLRPC

Posted on Sat 17 February 2018 in how-to

Way back in 2014 I've written about a few collectd configurations. One of them was using various tools to manage rtorrent to gather information from rtorrent.

As one reader of this blog asked me about the scripts I wanted to release a simpler approach to gather the information from rtorrent …

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Encrypt your connections (and do it right)

Posted on Sun 31 December 2017 in how-to

After a few amazing days at the #34c3 in Leipzig with dozens of talks highlighting various aspects of IT and physical device security I'd like to share some ressources and config examples on how to encrypt your connections.

You may think that there's no need for this. Everyone should be …

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Microsoft SQL Server and collectd - what the heck?

Posted on Sun 10 December 2017 in how-to

You're running a Linux server, a webserver, maybe an application server? Everything is being monitored with collectd and the world is fine and peaceful. But wait a second! What about the database server? Sure enough PostgreSQL is your friend most times. But there are some cases where SQL Server is …

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